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THE COVEWAE KID - Duration 8 hours 46mins

Richard's first ever audiobook.

A bumper-sized audiobook to enjoy, as and when, that tells the side-splitting story of Timothy 'Conker' Collins, a rogue schoolboy who stole and subsequently sold homework from class swats, the beginnings of his life of petty crime.

Whilst on the run from the police he discovers the beautiful Covewae Island, a hideaway where he would never be found, or so he thought.

Inspired by the island's beauty and Mother Nature's wildlife, so different to his own previous wild life, the reformed man becomes a successful author of books for children based around two resident seals, Andrew and Wilder. 

It should have all created a tranquil lifestyle. If only that had been the case.

Narrated by the author, Richard Digance, with original musical soundtracks throughout.  Available to download and listen to at your leisure.

Download now available in full - £18