'Richard Digance is brilliant' - Bill Bryson

'Digance was a great inspiration' - Ross Noble

'Richard Digance is a National Treasure' - Bob Harris, BBC

' Richard Digance in imaginative and inventive'

- Dan Patterson, producer Whose Line Is It Anyway? - Mock The Week


Creator and author, Richard Digance, is known in the literary world for his audiobook contribution to one of the world's best-selling authors, Bill Bryson.

He is also a BAFTA Nominated performer and a Gold Award recipient from The British Academy of Composers. Further afield he was awarded The Paul Harris Fellowship Award, the highest acclaim from The International Rotary Club, for his literary, fund-raising contributions towards the eradication of polio.

Richard's Animal Alphabet books, serialised by The BBC, are used around the world in 15 different countries as an English teaching aid. Some of the syllabus levels and publishers of Richard’s work around the world include.

Fearon Teacher Aids Series, Grades 4-6, Illinois, USA.

The British Columbia Foundation Skills Assessment, University of British Columbia, Vancouver Canada.

The Canadian Ministry of Education website as part of their FSA tests since 2008

Oxford University Press Anthology of Verse.

The New Comprehensive Strategies 1-5, Book 3, The West Indies.

People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Foundation, London.

Western Australia Learning Aids, stages 1 & 2.

New Language For Learners, Form 1, Swaziland.

Born in West Ham, London, Richard now lives in Salisbury, Wiltshire where he writes, composes soundtracks in his recording studio and tries to paint pictures to an acceptable standard.