Covewae Islannd map RESIZED.jpg


The fun-filled map of the island, obviously without the copyright tag, is available as a delightful mounted 17" x 12" print on art paper for just £25

Hang it on your wall and wait for curious guests to ask what it's all about. Tell them or just keep them wondering.

You can tell them you're the owner of a plot of magical land worth absolutely nothing apart from the fun it will bring.

The box on the bottom left of the map has a space for you to sign, confirming you to being a landowner of Unreal Estate on this magical island in the middle of nowhere.

Furthermore, you will be added to the landowners listed below.



Paul Lambert, Joss Jennings, Charlie Murray, Robert Carey, India Jones, Mo Voaden, Paul Cuffe, Lyn Rivers

Alan Jones, Russell Allan, Paul Barker, Rebecca Carroll, Linda Barr, Steve Highton, David Walkman